A epic discord bot with high sound quality, with a totally FREE volume system!



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♬| Maith is the best discord bot, you can change the prefix, you can use 24/7 live in this bot and a lot of things

How to use this bot?

If you have another discord bot with the same prefix, or just want to change it, it's very simple, just type m.prefix and that's it, easy? -> Command used for the sole purpose of playing music

m.stop -> Command used to stop songs

m.skip -> Command used to skipped song

m.pause -> Command used to paused song

m.nowplaying-> See what's currently playing on the bot

m.return -> Command used to return songs

m.queue -> See the queue size

m.volume -> Choose the music volume

m.loop -> Add or remove the queue loop

Do you want more commands?

This bot is on the beta, soon more commands will be added, such as availability for soundcloud or spotify